Members Benefits

Member Benefits

If you would like to become a member of PAC and take advantage of our member benefits please visit our Join page to find out how.

Listed here are a range of organisations that make up the membership of Public Affairs Cymru.

Members of PAC receive regular opportunities to attend events which are designed to raise the profile of the profession and allow us to contribute to the debate on policy in Wales. There are also opportunities for sharing experience and networking with other professionals working in public affairs.  Members also receive information updates relevant to all aspects of public affairs work in Wales and have to opportunity to share their own information, event invitations and job advertisements with other members via our website.

Member benefits include:

Opportunities to attend all PAC events;

Regular social events to encourage networking;

The chance to stand or vote in elections for the Executive Committee;

The opportunity to join sub-groups to work on specific issues relevant to PAC such as Welsh Language Policy; our PAC User Group or developing the PAC Code of Conduct;

Free advertising for your events and job advertisements on the PAC website; (If you have something that you would like to share with members please email our Chair)

A chance to contribute to or initiate statements on policy issues affecting public affairs in Wales;

Access to professional development activities;

A 33% discount on annual subscription to Public Affairs News;

A 10% discount on Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA) publications;

A 10% discount on IWA events;

The PAC Executive also tries to negotiate regular PAC discounts at key events in the public affairs calendar such as Party Conferences. PAC members have benefited from these in the past and we will continue to try to negotiate the best deals for PAC members in the future.

All PAC members have equal voting rights at our annual general meeting where the Executive committee is elected.

Member names and details are protected under the Data Protection Act and will not be divulged to third parties without consent.