PAC has developed a Continuous Professional Development (C.P.D) toolkit to help members maximise the benefits of attending PAC events.  It enables members to keep a record of the events they’ve attended and what they have learned.

1.  Certificate

This empty certificate can be downloaded and taken to PAC events. Ask the PAC executive member organising the event to sign it if you wish to have a certificate showing you attended.

Download certificate

2. Reflective Circle Tool

This is a two page reflective record sheet. The instruction page tells you how to complete this and the blank page is for you to fill in about a particular piece of learning.

Download instruction page

Download blank page

3.  Reflective Diary Tool

This document gives a simple four-point prompt for reflecting on a learning event.

Download diary tool

4.  CPD Record Tool

This is a simple 3 box record sheet to record CPD activity.

Download record tool

5.  CPD Reflective Log

This is an easy four-point tool to help you identify what you did, what you learnt, how it will change your practice and how you will follow up.

Download log